The Numbers Game

As prohibition ends and organized crime returns to gambling, Queenie St. Clair - a fiery madame from Martinique - is forced to defend Harlem's booming "numbers game" against the brutal invasion of sociopathic gangster Dutch Schultz.

The Numbers Game, a 6-part miniseries for the stage, will hit the Storefront in the fall of 2016. 

Set in the dirty 30’s, The Numbers Game is based on the gang and race war that tore through Harlem after prohibition ended and organized crime turned from booze to gambling. Following the story of Stephanie ‘Queenie’ St. Clair, a fiery Madam known as the Tiger from Marseilles, and the Beer Baron of New York, Dutch Schultz, The Numbers Game dives into the race-fueled clash between these two titans of illicit industry. As Queenie defends Harlem’s booming penny lottery “numbers game” against Schultz’s brutal invasion, New York city seethes with power hungry gangsters ready to knife or cheat their way to the top.

Poised to be one of the hottest shows to hit the stage this fall in Toronto, The Number’s Game will take you deep into the belly of the Harlem beast. 

Episode 1 - Pilot: The Numbers Game by James Schultz
Episode 2 - The Storm, The Whirlwind and The Earthquake by Claire Burns
Episode 3: Go to the Mattresses by Meghan Swaby
Episode 4: Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown by Bahia Watson
Episode 5: White Picket Fences by Emma Mackenzie Hillier
Episode 6: As Ye Sow by Beau Andrew Dixon

Thur-Sun 7pm & 8:30pm

September 29 to October 2: Episode 1
October 6 to October 9: Episode 1 & 2  
October 13 to October 16: Episode 2 & 3  
October 20 to October 23: Episode 3 & 4
October 27 to October 30: Episode 4 & 5
November 3 to November 6: Episode 5 & 6

$15 - Opening Weekend (Sept 29 - Oct 2)
$20 per Episode; $35 per Double Episode; $65 for 6-episode Pass

Directed by Benjamin Blais


·       Karine Ricard – Queenie St. Clair
·       Jamie Cavanagh – Dutch Schultz
·       Ngabo Nabea – Bumpy Johnson
·       Brandon Coffey – Bo Weinberg
·       James McDougall - Abbadabba Berman
·       Jeff Hanson – Mad Dog Cole
·        Ucal Shillingford – Leon
·       Celia Aloma - Catherine


·       Bahia Watson
·       Beau Dixon
·       Clair Burns
·       Emma Mackenzie Hillier
·       James Schultz
·       Meghan Swaby

The Numbers Game is a CAEA approved collective